Goh Ballet Youth Company


As one of Canada’s leading professional youth ballet organizations, the Goh Ballet Youth Company Canada (GBYC) was formed as a bridge for students who desire continued intensive training and professional performance opportunities. For those 16 years old and above, GBYC offers the opportunity to refine technical and artistic skills while providing the support and guidance needed to pursue a rewarding dance career. For GBYC Apprentices and Members, the schedule is intensive, with 40 hours a week of classes and rehearsals consisting of advanced classical ballet technique, pointe work/male technical coaching, variations, pas de deux, and contemporary dance. The program focuses on building technical and artistic excellence showcased through a wide-ranging and ever expanding repertoire of classical and contemporary ballet, jazz, character and Chinese dance. With many performance opportunities and tours as well as educational outreach, the program is further enhanced through the influence of internationally renowned guest teachers and choreographers who create original repertoire and instruct master classes.

Goh Ballet Youth Company Canada aims to:

  • Give dancers the opportunity to perform locally and internationally in professional settings
  • Provide dancers with a broad knowledge of the dance world
  • Provide guidance as to appropriate rehearsal etiquette, coping strategies, work ethic and the responsibilities expected of professional dancers
  • Assist dancers in transitioning from students to professionals
  • Provide support and references for auditions and interviews

Students accepted and invited to join Goh Ballet’s GBYC program as Members train under GBYC’s fully accredited program approved by the Private Training Institution Branch of British Columbia (PTIB). Goh Ballet’s GBYC program for GBYC Members meets the requirements of British Columbia Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation.


The Goh Ballet Youth Company program consists of the following curricula:

  • Classical Ballet
  • Dance Repertoire/Variations
  • Technique Development
  • Pas de Deux/Partnering
  • National Dances
  • Contemporary/Jazz
  • Improvisation
  • Pointe or Men’s Work
  • Body Conditioning
  • Workshops/Master Classes
  • Creative Process with Choreographers
  • Performance Tours
  • Mental Skills Training
  • Resume Building
  • Audition Preparation

Admission Policy

  • Admission into the Goh Ballet Youth Company Program is by audition only. Prospective students may audition by video or in person.
  • Applicants must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Applicants must have participated in dance training for at least 5 years or more.
  • Domestic applicants must pay a CAD $34 + GST non-refundable registration fee upon acceptance into the course of study. International applicants must pay a CAD $997.50 non-refundable registration fee upon acceptance into the course of study. Cheques are to be made payable to Goh Ballet Inc.
  • Applicants, after confirmation of acceptance into the program, must read and certify that they have read a copy of the school’s student handbook as well as the enrollment and registration agreement.

GBYC's Annual Tuition Fee (September to June)

Domestic Canadian & US Students 2021-22

Registration Fee: CAD $34
Tuition Fee: CAD$12,799

International Students 2021-22

Registration Fee: CAD$998
Tuition Fee: CAD$22,990


Auditions are required for anyone considering training with the Goh Ballet Youth Company Canada.

Group Auditions

Audition in-person to join the Goh Ballet Youth Company. Please see our assessments page for more information and to register.

Private Auditions

To book a private audition, please call 604.872.4014 ext. 0 to confirm a suitable date and time.

Video Auditions

Students who are unable to audition in person can email us a 15 minute video audition and completed registration package. A processing fee of $50CAD is due at the time of submission. Payment can be made via credit card over the phone, or by sending a cheque or money order in Canadian funds to Goh Ballet Inc.

Your video should include barre, centre work including pirouettes, allegro and adage, pointe work, and one classical variation if possible.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our students, staff and community are of the utmost importance to us at Goh Ballet. We follow and adhere to all provincial government and health authority guidelines regarding mask wearing and other prevention measures. Goh Ballet’s updated Communicable Disease Prevention Policy includes comprehensive sanitization procedures, requirements for all staff, faculty, pianists and students to self-screen prior to coming to the Academy and appropriate prevention measures such as control of traffic flow, physical distancing, and barriers where possible. We acknowledge that the Covid-19 situation is ever evolving and are committed to actively monitoring and updating our solutions to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all our students, families, faculty, pianists, and staff.

Please note under the current Proof of Vaccination requirements all individuals participating and supporting youth programs for those 21 years and younger are exempt from providing a proof of vaccination. Goh Ballet’s Adult ballet program is subject to the Proof of Vaccination requirements in BC and in Ontario for all those participating in those programs – please visit our Adult Ballet page for more information.

Goh Ballet is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and secure learning and working environment where all individuals are free from any form of violence or threat of violence, including sexual violence and misconduct.
Goh Ballet’s Sexual Misconduct Policy