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Our Adult Ballet program offers an elegant range of adult dance and fitness programs to help assert some creativity into your weekly fitness regime. No matter your ability, we have a class to motivate and inspire you to relevé and build your strength! Our program includes Adult Classical Ballet, Adagio Ballet, and introductory workshops.


Attendance at all Adult Ballet Programs is by pre-paid reservation only and reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on the schedule & how to reserve your classes, information regarding cancellations, health & safety protocols, and what to wear, click the links below. If you have any additional questions please contact us.

Drop-In Class Fee: $25

Or sign up for a Premiere Package! - Save on class fees, and pre-register for your classes ahead of time to make sure you always get a spot! See 'Class Packages & Ongoing Promotions' tab for more information.

Class Schedule

Adult Classes

Our Adult Ballet classes offer several benefits for your body, mind and overall wellness. A total body and mind workout set to classical piano music, Adult Ballet utilizes fundamental ballet movement technique to shape, lengthen and tone your muscles. Our classes accommodate dancers at various skill levels. Whether you have a background in dance, or have never danced before, you can drop-in to a class level that is right for you and feel ballet beautiful. Please see class schedule for details.

Class Levels

Adagio Ballet

This calmer-paced class focuses on the fundamentals & ballet basics with the inclusion of stretch and mobility work. Adagio Ballet offers a mindful workout where you will be enchanted by the elegance of classical music and immersed in the beauty of ballet. Suitable for anyone who is new to ballet up to level 1 (intermediate).

Adult Classical Ballet Intro

Adult Classical Ballet Intro is designed for those looking to begin their ballet journey! No prior dance experience is necessary. This class will introduce the fundamental elements of ballet technique familiarizing you with simple barre and centre work and proper stretching techniques. Students will work on posture alignment, foot positions and the fundamental technique; Plié , Relevé, Battement, Tendus and beyond. Through simple combinations students will notice their coordination and mobility improve as well as their concentration and focus.

Adult Classical Ballet Level 1

Adult Classical Ballet Level 1 builds upon the technique that was developed in the Ballet Intro class, and is for beginners with a little dance experience. Classes continue to develop different ballet vocabulary and movements while providing opportunities to increase flexibility, improve body alignment, lengthen muscles and group together combinations. Students will learn the full range of barre exercises as well as Port de Bras and Waltz movements in the center. Petit allegro and other traveling jumps will be introduced.

Adult Classical Ballet Level 2

Adult Classical Ballet Level 2 to further develop the techniques taught in level 1, classes are for those who have had training with ballet and feel comfortable with a faster-paced environment focused on technical development and muscle control. Barre exercises will be more complex, training of Pirouettes, Chaînés, & Piqué turns will be introduced and Medium and Grand Allegro will have students soaring to new heights.

Join us for Classical Ballet Level 2 with Repertoire on Tuesdays and explore variations from the great classical repertoire.

Pointe Ballet Add On

Our new and exciting offer for Adult Ballet designed for those looking to explore pointe technique.

Class Packages & Ongoing Promotions

Premiere Packages

Want to beat the rush and make sure you always get a spot in your favourite weekly adult classes? Now you can! Make a regular commitment to achieving your dance and fitness goals and save on fees with our new Premiere Packages.

Pirouette Pass - 3 Classes for $50 for New Students!

An exclusive introductory offer for students new to Goh Ballet – sign up for 3 classes for just $50. Dip your toe into ballet and experience our different class levels to find your perfect match.
To purchase a Pirouette Pass:
Set up your online profile
- Email to request your Pirouette Pass!
- Please ensure you have purchased the pass prior to booking any classes via the online portal, in order to have the pass applied.

Terms & Conditions: for new students only. Expires in 30 days from date of purchase. Pass will be applied to the drop-in fee the day of the class.

Plié Passage Beginner's Workshop

6 Week Workshop - April 8th - May 13th 2024

A Plié is the portal to all positions and movements in ballet & dance - you need it for elevation in your jumps; for protecting your muscles when you land; for momentum in your turns; and for every single connection between a movement. The plie is the oxygen that brings your movements to life!

Plié Passage Six Week Beginner Workshop: an introduction to the principles and fundamental movements of classical ballet. Learn the Ballet Basics, Flexibility & Strengthening and feel confident as students move with ease from beginner to Level 1. With a limited class size, students will receive attention and personalized feedback from an experienced instructor, additional resources to enhance the overall experience, and a certificate of completion. This class is progressive and will give you the confidence to strive for continuing to challenge your training. Class capacity for this exclusive workshop is limited.

- $200 for 6 weeks

Registration for the next term is open. Please register via the online portal or email for more information.

Bespoke Ballet Private Coaching

Ballet is so much more than just dance; it is a lifestyle. Our Bespoke Ballet Private coaching sessions are tailored to help you achieve your individualized fitness goals. Inspired by ballet's fundamentals, each session will offer a complete workout to tone and lengthen muscles. Through classically inspired exercises, we invite you to explore the limitless possibilities of a Beautiful Ballet experience. Clients will receive exercises to practice both in-studio and independently, resource links and a Goh journal to track progress.

Purchase a package of four 45 minute bespoke ballet coaching sessions! Please email us for more information on pricing & to book.

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