Dancers’ Health & Wellness


Goh Ballet Academy is pleased to offer a health and wellness education program for our pre-professional and senior professional students as part of our annual curriculum. What we aim to achieve is to empower our students with strategies for injury prevention and self-awareness, knowledge of rehabilitation for performance needs, and an understanding of the psychology of performance. As well as this students are equipped in recognizing areas needing support, dealing with anxiety and psychological issues related to performing, how to achieve better focus and maximise retention of information in the classroom, and nutritional education for what the body needs to perform at its best.

It is our pleasure to welcome Stuart Anderson, Director of Anderson Performance Clinic to conduct these classes at our academy. Over the past 20 years, Stuart has gained an extensive array of clinical expertise assisting his clients in maximizing their performance potential. He is internationally-qualified as a Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, and Mental Performance Consultant which enables him to provide unique mind-body therapeutic benefits to our students. For five years, Stuart was the Physiotherapist and Lecturer in Health & Body Conditioning at the Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet School. He is a Member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada, and is a published contributing author to sports injuries textbooks for medical professionals and continues to write for professional journals.

Program led by Stuart Anderson –
Director, Anderson Performance Clinic, MCPA AASP