Discover Your Dance Experience With Us

Goh Ballet’s well-rounded programs instill the basis for a lifetime of healthy living by empowering youth and building greater self-awareness through expression in the dance vocabulary.

Our Academy offers these special opportunities for students, in accordance with their age and individual capabilities.

  • Foundational Ballet Training Focused on Classical Technique
  • Royal Academy of Dance Examinations; Graded and Vocational
  • Annual Theatre Performances (Year-End Showcase)
  • Local and International Dance Competitions
  • Participation in Major Dance Productions Such as The Nutcracker

Special Opportunities

We believe that our capability to properly guide our students through stages of their development paired with emphasis in offering performance presentations, access to innovative choreography through special workshops and commissioned repertoire, as well as individualized coaching is what sets the Goh Ballet’s delivery and the student’s learning outcome at a level that propels them for career advancement.

Creative Dance

Ages 3 +

We believe it’s never too early to start nurturing your child’s creativity and love of dance, which is why we’re thrilled to present a program designed to start budding young movers on their exciting dance adventure!

Junior School

AGES 3 – 15

Taught by certified and award-winning instructors, our Junior School curriculum follows a progressive structure designed to assist each child in reaching their highest potential.


Annual Program
13 - 15+

For students who have passed their RAD Grade 6 Exam (or equivalent) and higher, who wish to focus on an academically inclined path, Prima Dance provides a dynamic range of classes delivered after school.

Senior Professional School

AGES 13 – 21

The Academy’s Senior Professional School consists of distinctive and comprehensive programs designed to produce graduates who are capable of integrating effortlessly into dance companies all over the world.

Goh Ballet Youth Company

Ages 16 +

For those 16 years old and above, GBYC offers the opportunity to refine technical and artistic skills while providing the support and guidance needed to pursue a rewarding dance career.

Adult Classes

Weekly Classes
Age 15+

An elegant range of new adult dance and fitness programs to help assert some creativity into your weekly fitness regime!

Summer Programs

Summer Programs
Ages 3-21

Comprehensive summer programs for dedicated students and aspiring professionals. Featuring Children's Summer Dance Workshops, Junior & Senior Summer Intensives, August Ballet Through Time Units and more!

Summer Programs Bayview

Summer Programs
Ages 3-15+

Comprehensive summer programs at Goh Ballet Bayview, Toronto for dedicated students and aspiring professionals. Featuring Children's Summer Dance Workshops, Junior & Senior Summer Intensives, August Ballet Through Time Units and more!

International Students & Short-Term Studies

The Goh Ballet Academy hosts dancers from all over the world in our many annual programs. Students seeking an exceptional opportunity to expand on their technique and artistic skills while enhancing performance abilities will benefit tremendously in our short term study programs.

Performance Workshop

5 day workshop
Age 10-13+

Receive vital feedback to advance your competition preparation and take your performance to the next level during Goh Ballet’s Spring Performance Workshop in Vancouver!

Performance Workshop Bayview

5 day workshop
Age 10+

An unparalleled opportunity to focus on artistic interpretation, musicality and charisma. Students will polish precise execution and improvement of technique with Goh Ballet Bayview's award winning instructors.

Educational Outreach

Goh Ballet is proud to have offered in-school programming throughout Vancouver since 2010. Educational outreach is a cornerstone of Goh Ballet’s philosophy — making the arts accessible to all builds society and enhances the lives of all who participate in it.

Dancers’ Health & Wellness

Goh Ballet is proud to present this program dedicated to our students. Led by Stuart Anderson – Director, Anderson Performance Clinic, MCPA AASP

Canadian Masterclass Series with Prima Ballerina Chan Hon Goh

The Masterclass Series is an unforgettable opportunity for aspiring dancers all over the country to attend a dance experience with one of this generation’s most gifted and prolific artists, Ms. Chan Hon Goh C.M., former Principal Dancer of the National Ballet of Canada and Director of the Goh Ballet Academy.