Frequently Asked Questions

Who is exempt from auditioning to join your programs?

Goh Ballet welcomes students ages 3-7 into our Children’s Division programs with no audition required.

Students ages 8-10 with no previous ballet experience will be placed into our Classical Ballet 1 program, and do not need to audition.

Students ages 15+ interested in attending our adult drop-in classes do not need to audition.

Who needs to join a group audition to join your programs?

Students ages 7+ wishing to join our Junior School programs, Pre-Professional Jewel Program, or Prima Dance must register to join a group audition. Please review the eligibility below.

  • Junior Audition: Students ages 7-12 years with relevant previous ballet training within the past year, but no pointe work, must participate in a group audition for placement into our Junior School programs.
  • Pre-Professional or Prima Audition: Students ages 12 + years with relevant ballet training within the past year, and at least one year of training on pointe.

Who should participate in a private or video audition?

Students wishing to be considered for our Half-Day Senior Professional School programs, or the Goh Ballet Youth Company must book either a private audition or if they cannot attend in-person, submit a video audition. Please review the eligibility below.

  • Senior Professional School Audition: Students ages 12-19 years. Must have received a minimum of 3 full years of ballet training with pointe work experience.
  • Goh Ballet Youth Company Audition: Dancers must be 16 – 22 years of age. Males must have 5 years of ballet training with contemporary dance experience. Females must have 7 + years of ballet training with extensive pointe work & contemporary dance experience.
  • Dancers auditioning for GBYC will be required to present a classical variation and may also present a contemporary solo if time permits.

How much does it cost to participate in an audition?

Group Audition Administrative Fee: $30 (+ GST) payable at time of registration.

Private Audition Administrative Fee: $55 (+ GST) payable at time of registration

Online Audition Administrative Fee: $55 (+ GST) payable at time of registration

Video Audition Administrative Fee: $55 (+ GST) payable at of registration

How do I submit a video audition?

If prospective students are unable to attend a group or private audition in person, they may email a video audition to Please click here for further details on what to include & payment information.

What should I wear to attend an audition?

Goh Ballet requires that students come to the audition in the proper clothing attire. Please review the Dress Code below.

*Students may opt for the dance attire of the gender they identify with.

  • Sample Attire 1: Any colour leotard, tights, and ballet slippers. Short skirts may be worn. Pointe shoes may be required for the Senior Audition.
  • Sample Attire 2: Unitard, or any form-fitting t-shirt with tights/shorts, and ballet slippers.
  • Sample Attire 3: Fitted exercises attire. If student does not own ballet slippers, socks may be worn instead.
  • Hair should be neatly styled in a bun or combed out of the face.
  • No jewelry, watches or accessories please.

How can I enroll my child at the Goh Ballet Academy?

If your child is between the ages of 3 – 6, no audition is necessary. Please contact the Administrative Office at 604.872.4014 or for more information regarding schedules, fees, duration and levels.

Any child over the age of 7 will require an audition. Please inquire about open audition times by visiting this page of our website.

What are the schedules and fees of your classes?

If you are looking for the schedule and fees for programs suitable for 4 – 6 year olds, please contact us at

Anyone over the age of 7 requires an audition with our Artistic Faculty prior to being accepted. We will provide information on the schedule and fees only after the audition has been completed and the student’s recommended level has been confirmed by an instructor.

What makes the Goh Ballet Academy different from other dance training schools?

Only you and your family can make the best choice as to where your child will receive the training and artistic encouragement that is best suited to their needs and abilities.

Our Academy strives to create a personally shaped program to provide excellence in classical technique and foster the growth of artistic expression. We offer an unrivalled breadth of performance opportunities and an engaging curriculum that allows dancers to complete full academic studies while pursuing pre-professional, intensive dance training.

From childhood through adolescence, our goal is to ensure your child experiences positive, encouraging feedback to stimulate their personal growth as an artist and performer.

Your annual programs run from September to June. If I didn't register and/or have my audition before September, am I too late to join the Academy?

Depending on when you are inquiring about an evaluation or audition, we may be able to assist with registration after September. Please regarding your eligibility.

What do I have to wear to classes?

Students attending our Annual Program are required to wear the school uniform. We sell our uniforms and other ballet attire at the Goh Ballet Shop located at our Goh Ballet Main and Goh Ballet Bayview locations.

What if I cannot attend a class?

Students enrolled in our annual programs at Goh Main and Goh Bayview should email if they will be absent from class.

Students participating in our outreach programs should notify Ms. Tanya Phelps, Associate Director of Special Projects, via if they are unable to attend a class.

Is there parking available?

Goh Ballet Main does not have a dedicated parking facility but there are a few paid parking and street parking sites nearby.

Goh Ballet Bayview is located at Bayview Village Shopping Centre which has a large parking lot.

  • Pay Parking lots: Easy Park has a few parking lots in the area (4 within a 10-minute walk).
  • Street Parking: Street parking varies significantly within the area. Please always be aware of the street signs when parking to avoid being ticketed or towed.
    • Metered parking exists in the immediate vicinity, but it is very busy during certain times.
    • 2-hour free parking is also available to the east of Main St, but not always available.
    • There is a limited amount of free parking near Dude Chilling Park, which is less than a 10-minute walk to Goh Ballet.

What do I need to bring with me?

Yoga mat for Pilates class and Body Conditioning Classes, Water bottle and towel, Ballet outfit for classes (a detailed list will be provided in the student handbook prior to start of classes).

Will I have a chance to book private lessons during the program?

Yes, if a student is interested in taking private lessons you will need to submit a private lesson request form. The requests will be evaluated by the Director and the Instructor you wish to book with. It is not guaranteed that we will be able to accommodate your request, the main factors being studio availability and the instructors schedule.

What if I want to stay and train in the Goh Ballet’s Annual Program?

If you wish to stay with the Academy longer, please discuss with your instructor and the Administrative Office and you will be assessed for the appropriate level in the program you are eligible for. The Administrative Office will then provide you with fees and schedules as required.

How much money should I bring for miscellaneous spending?

Money may be needed for social activities, ballet gear, transportation etc. Students should not keep or carry large amounts of cash. We recommend renting a locker during your time at Goh Ballet to ensure your belongings are kept safe. Goh Ballet is not responsible for loss of personal belongings.

What if I do not wish to use the Academy’s home stay option but I require accommodation?

If out-of-town students do not wish to use our home stay, they are responsible for finding their own apartment or suitable accommodation. We suggest you check Airbnb or VRBO for listings.

During the program, are parents allowed to watch classes?

Goh Ballet has a closed-door policy for classes and private lessons. The last day of the program is a demonstration day where all parents and family and friends are invited into the studios to see the progress the students have made. More information will be emailed to families during the first few weeks of the summer program.

What if I cannot attend the class?

If you will be absent from class please email

Are there scholarships available?

The Goh Ballet Academy endeavors to support artistic opportunities for aspiring dancers and is pleased to offer a number of scholarships to qualified students participating in the Summer Intensive program. For more information about scholarship criteria please email us

Will performance opportunities arise from the International Senior or Junior Summer Intensive?

In addition to performing in the Summer Intensive final presentation, graduates of the Summer Intensive Program may also be invited to join the Goh Ballet Academy’s major ballet performance productions and international tours.

What if I do not have a place to stay?

The Goh Ballet Academy is pleased to provide its Summer Intensive students with an extensive network of homestay families in the Vancouver area. Families offering home stay placements have a long-standing relationship with the Academy, and provide a wonderful opportunity for students to discover local culture in a safe family environment. Upon acceptance into the Summer Dance Intensive Program, please contact us for homestay details.

May I request a particular roommate?

While the Goh Ballet strives to accommodate special requests for its Summer Intensive participants, roommates cannot be guaranteed.

What are the International Summer Intensive auditions like?

Applicants can audition individually or as part of a group. Scheduled auditions for the Summer Intensive will take place at Goh Ballet Academy, located at 2345 Main Street in Vancouver. Please contact us for upcoming audition dates.
Private auditions can also be arranged – please see FAQ below for more information, or contact the Academy directly.

What if I cannot make it to the scheduled audition?

In an effort to accommodate as many applicants as possible, the Goh Ballet Academy is pleased to offer private and video auditions. For a private audition, please contact us to arrange a convenient date and time. An administrative fee of $50 + GST for each audition appointment, payable in advance, will be charged. For more information about submitting an audition by video, please see below.

How do I audition via video?

For students who are unable to audition in person, please complete and email registration form along with your video, which should not exceed 15 minutes in length. Your video should include barre, centre, pointe (if applicable), and one classical variation. A representative from the Academy will notify you of receipt of your submission and results. Please send a cheque or money order in Canadian funds for $50 + GST payable to Goh Ballet Inc. in order to have your audition video processed and viewed for assessment. Alternatively, you may call us to pay via credit card. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

How will I know if my audition video has been received?

A representative from the Goh Ballet Academy will contact you upon receipt of your video.

How soon will I find out the results from my audition?

Goh Ballet Academy will notify applicants of results within three weeks of their audition.

Do you give audition results over the phone or via email?

Goh Ballet Academy will notify applicants of their audition results by phone or e-mail.

How will you decide the program I will be accepted into?

The Summer Intensive is comprised of three programs: the Children’s Summer Dance Workshops (no evaluation assessment or audition needed), Junior Summer Intensive, and the Senior International Summer Intensive. Applicants will be assessed by the Goh Ballet faculty based on their technical/artistic abilities at the audition, and will then be placed in the most suitable program and training level.

Can I attend only part of the Goh Ballet Summer Intensive?

The Summer Intensive is a valuable four-week program that offers students the ability to hone their dance skills in a nurturing artistic environment, with direction from some of the world’s most renowned ballet instructors. While the Academy encourages all students to attend the full program, it recognizes that extenuating circumstances may prevent some from completing all aspects of the Intensive. Please speak with an Administrative Staff Member about any circumstances which may prevent you from attending the full program as the Academy prefers to review this on a case by case basis.

What can I wear?

Clothing: We recommend wearing anything you are able to move freely in. ie. Yoga wear.
Shoes: We recommend purchasing soft ballet slippers if you will be taking a number of classes, however, you can try your first class in socks.

What age are your students?

Our adult dance students range from teenagers to adults of all ages. We welcome all individuals to our classes!

How many people are in the class?

Due to the drop in nature of our classes, the amount of people varies. On average, the class size ranges from 8 to 25 people.

How do the teachers accommodate the varying levels in a class?

The teachers encourage everyone to work to the best of their ability and will give individual corrections during class. Occasionally, a teacher may use a student to demonstrate a correction that will benefit all those in attendance.

Do you have parking?

We do not have our own parking lot at Goh Main. There are metered and unmetered parking spaces along 8th Ave. and Quebec St. There is also a paid parking lot on the corner of 7th Ave. and Main St. Goh Oakridge has a free parking lot in front of the studios. (Shared with The Bay)

I previously danced when I was younger, but it has been a number of years since my last class. What do you advise me to do?

We recommend that you drop in for a Level 1 class and see if it is a good fit for you. The nature of our classes, allows students to try different levels without committing to a single level.

I have never danced before, but my schedule does not allow me to come to the Intro classes. Can I come to the Level 1 classes?

Yes, absolutely! Our teachers are accustomed to teaching classes with varying levels and will help you to the best of their ability. Our teachers aim to make your class experience a positive one.

We are committed to providing all students, faculty, pianists, and staff with a safe environment that is in alignment with government guidelines and health authorities.

Here are some FAQ’s around the protective measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our community:

Are you screening visitors to your facilities?

– All Goh Ballet students, faculty, pianists, and staff are required to self-screen every day prior to coming to the Academy. Any one exhibiting symptoms is required to stay home and those exhibiting illness for 2 or more days are required to either take a Covid-19 test or self-isolate for 14 days.

How are you sanitizing your studios?

– All faculty, pianists and staff are required to sanitize their hands and/or wash their hands upon arrival at the Academy.
– All studios and offices are supplied with hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.

What else are you doing to limit exposure to communicable diseases?

– Until further notice admission into the Academy is limited to registered students, faculty, pianists, and staff. In-person visits to the administration office and the Goh Ballet shop are by appointment only.
– Attendance to Goh Ballet’s Adult Ballet classes is by pre-reservation only. No drop-ins allowed.
– At the end of the training day students must be picked up on time. Office telephones will no longer be available for use by students – for this reason, parents must call the office if they will be late picking up their child from class.

Will I be required to wear a face covering/ mask?

We abide by recommendations as found on the following resource sites and closely monitor best practices.

BC Centre for Disease Control
Public Health Ontario

Please call 604.872.4014 or email our administrative associates for any additional information.