Propelling Dreams From Studio to Stage


As one of Canada’s leading professional youth ballet organizations, the Goh Ballet Youth Company Canada (GBYC) was formed as a bridge for students who desire continued intensive training and professional performance opportunities. For those 16 years old and above, GBYC offers the chance to refine technical and artistic skills while providing the support and guidance needed to pursue a rewarding dance career. Designed with current world demands in mind, GBYC offers students the opportunity to propel their technical skill, evolve in their creative capabilities and achieve their highest potential.

For GBYC Apprentices and Members, the schedule is intensive, with 40 hours a week of classes and rehearsals consisting of advanced classical ballet technique, pointe work/male technical coaching, variations, pas de deux, contemporary dance and improvisation. The program focuses on building technical and artistic excellence to create professionally valued artists able to understand the requirements of professional settings.

Experience is developed and showcased through a wide-ranging and ever-expanding repertoire of classical and contemporary ballet, jazz, character, and Chinese dance. Going beyond just dance with the aim to foster well-rounded development, students participate in various skill-building seminars with focuses such as mental skills training, competition preparation, resume building, and other career development topics.

With performances being a vital part of ensuring dancer’s success, vast opportunities, tours and educational outreach offer on-stage experience throughout the year. The program is further enhanced through the influence of its internationally renowned faculty, guest teachers and choreographers who create original repertoire and instruct master classes. The GBYC Program is currently only offered at Goh Ballet's studio location in Vancouver.


Goh Ballet Youth Company Canada aims to:
• Provide a bridge for aspiring professionals propelling them from academic training to successful careers
• Give dancers the opportunity to perform locally and internationally in professional settings
• Provide dancers with a broad knowledge and understanding of the dance world
• Provide guidance as to appropriate rehearsal etiquette, coping strategies, work ethic and the responsibilities expected of professional dancers
• Provide support and references for auditions and interviews
• Offer the highest caliber of intensive training to prepare students for the technical and artistic demands required of today’s professional dancers


Students accepted and invited to join the Goh Ballet Youth Company as Members train as part of a fully accredited program, approved and administered by the Private Training Institution Branch of British Columbia (PTIB). Goh Ballet’s GBYC program for members meets the requirements of British Columbia Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation.

Goh Ballet Academy is a member of The International Dance Council CID (UNESCO) and upon completion of the GBYC program, students will have qualified for their Level 3 International Certification of Dance Studies.


Full Time Paid Soloist Contracts

Goh Ballet Youth Company Canada is looking for exceptional dancers to propel their technical skill, evolve in their creative capabilities and achieve their highest potential.

Full-time paid soloist contracts are now available! This exclusive opportunity is open to dancers ages 16-22 with advanced training who are at soloist level of performance. Register to audition for a GBYC soloist contract or to join the company as a member or apprentice for the 2023/24 season.

Click here for audition information.

Under the artistic leadership of Prima Ballerina Chan Hon Goh, the Goh Ballet Youth Company has access to distinguished artists within the international dance community. The company has rehearsed, shared the stage or trained with illustrious names such as the following, among many others:

• Anna-Marie Holmes
• Maina Gielgud
• Ginger Thatcher
• Philip Broomhead
• Paloma Herrera
• Peter Boal
• Celine Gittens
• Guillaume Côté
• Heather Ogden
• Suki Schor
• Toru Shimazaki
• Barbara Bourget
• Frank Anderson
• Ksenia Ovsyanick
• Aleksandar Antonijevic
• Jennifer Fournier
• Devon Teuscher
• Alexandre Hammoudi
• Svetlana Lunkina

International Advisors to Dancers

To assist aspiring artists on their path to professionalism, GBYC members & apprentices have access to a wide array of support and resources. These benefits are unique to students in the Goh Ballet Youth Company and aim to support their well-being and navigation of the ever changing global dance community.

Students have yearly correspondence options for personal goal setting and audition preparation from an admirable roster of artists . These advisors are based across many continents and genres, and currently include:

• James Stout, Current Principal with Dutch National Ballet
• Sterling Baca, Current Principal with Pennsylvania Ballet
• Michael Shannon, International Teacher, Architanz Japan
• Charlene Campbell Carey, President of Ballet Beyond Borders Competition, and Artistic Director, Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre
• Shannon Hanbury, Broadway and Musical Theater performer

Honorary Artistic Advisors

The following dance luminaries are appointed as honorary artistic advisors to the Goh Ballet Youth Company:

• Frank Anderson – Former Artistic Director, Royal Danish Ballet
• Peter Boal – Director, Pacific Northwest Ballet
• Karen Kain C.C. – Artistic Director Emerita, The National Ballet of Canada
• Svetlana Lunkina – Principal Dancer, The National Ballet of Canada
• Andre Lewis – Artistic Director, Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet
• Vladimir Malakhov – Former Artistic Director, State Ballet Berlin
• David McAllister – Artistic Director, Australian Ballet
• Mikko Nissinen – Artistic Director, Boston Ballet
• Willy Tsao - Artistic Director - City Contemporary Dance Company, Hon Kong - Guangdong Modern Dance Company, China - Beijing LDTX Modern Dance Company, China
• Feng Ying – Director, National Ballet of China

“At Goh I was trained to perfect my art and become fearless and versatile as a dancer. The training I received prepared me to enter a professional company... I am very grateful to have had these experiences and qualities at such a young age.”

Céline Gittens, Principal Dancer, Birmingham Royal Ballet

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