Goh Dance at Mulgrave


Dance with us in West Vancouver at Mulgrave School's state-of-the-art, spacious new dance studio. We're proud to introduce this satellite program featuring dedicated dance classes for both children and adults.

Join us at your new North Shore dance destination, and discover the benefits of making dance a part of your weekly fitness regime!

Pre-Primary Ballet & Creative Dance

Ages 4-5

Goh Ballet is dedicated to bringing the enchantment of ballet to Mulgrave students, utilizing captivating themes, mesmerizing music, delightful props, and graceful movements derived from iconic ballets and fairy tales. Our aim is to ignite imagination and foster the development of artistry. In our program, students will acquire a solid foundation in ballet, learning fundamental concepts such as introductory steps, ballet terminology, musicality, focus, and expressive techniques. Throughout the year, students will experience growth in strength, coordination, and self-confidence as they engage in classes specifically designed to facilitate progressive technical advancement. To ensure a seamless experience, our tuition includes the provision of uniforms, costumes, and applicable taxes.

This program is currently only available to students enrolled at Mulgrave School. Please contact us for more information.

Classical Ballet Level 1

Grades 1-3

Goh Ballet’s ballet program is designed to ignite your child's passion for artistic expression and propel their technical progress. Students will embark on a journey that begins with a warm-up class, where they will further develop their fundamentals through stretching and conditioning exercises before moving on to the Level 1 class. We also offer the opportunity for eligible students to participate in the esteemed Royal Academy of Dance exams, allowing them to showcase their skills and receive recognition for their achievements.
During the Level 1 Ballet program, students will delve into the essentials of ballet, focusing on progressive technique while incorporating the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. Our classes prioritize the development of musicality and artistry, ensuring that each student thrives in their individual dance journey. Additionally, our tuition is all-inclusive, covering uniform costs, costume fees, and applicable taxes, providing a seamless experience for both students and parents.

This program is currently only available to students enrolled at Mulgrave School. Please contact us for more information.

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