Chan Hon Goh C.M. D.Litt.

Growing up and training at the Goh Ballet Academy is a very special experience. Whether you come to us in pre-school or your teenage years, we are committed to providing you with dance education that will prepare you to make the very best of the opportunities and challenges that await you in the future. The unabashedly forward-looking and internationally-focused Goh Ballet enables students to develop the skills necessary to thrive in the diversely interconnected dance world of the 21st century.

We believe that inspired dance is not the result of physical exercise alone; truly great dance requires the care and dedication of the whole person. We know, too, that ballet transcends individuals, shaping the creative cultures and imaginative vision of our society. We are a caring, supportive and inspiring institution with high standards and high expectations. The Goh Ballet takes tremendous pride in the commitment and accomplishments of our students.
Our world-class faculty demonstrates innovation, loyalty, sustainability, care, dedication, teamwork, and leadership by example. These same values are shared by our administrative team, our ballet shop associates, and our volunteers. Often described as a family, Goh Ballet boasts a remarkable quality of relationships between staff, students and parents; this three-way partnership is the key to your success.
It is my belief that by encouraging our students to lead creatively inspired lives, we are educating them to make the world a better place, offering them a meaningful way to tell their story, and providing an avenue for them to contribute constructively to our society.
At the Goh Ballet Academy, we know that even the most hidden talent may blossom into The Swan. In this environment, we seek to help aspiring dancers realize their dreams of performing on any stage, in any city in the world. We understand that rigorous training involves acquiring finely-honed skills and beneficial performance opportunities, while a well-rounded dance education also instils the enjoyment of dance and the nourishment of passions in other areas as well
If you are reading this as someone who is not yet familiar with the Goh Ballet, I encourage you to come to the academy or see one of our performances to witness our community in action. It is a very special place.

Chan Hon Goh, C.M. D.Litt.
Director, Goh Ballet Academy & Youth Company Canada