Junior School


The Goh Ballet Junior School provides comprehensive classical ballet education along with classes in other dance disciplines for students aged 3 and up. Taught by certified and award-winning instructors, our Junior School curriculum follows a progressive structure designed to assist each child in reaching their highest potential. The Junior School offers class placement for students of every age and ability, whether focused on after-school dance education or developing the strong skills and technique required to become a professional dancer.

The focus of training in the Junior School is sequential, providing building blocks for children to grow from one year to the next. Our faculty members provide an encouraging, stimulating dance education while reducing anxiety and fear in the classroom. Classes are structured on a rigorous curriculum centered on classical technique and all students take part in an annual high-caliber theatre performance each spring at a professional venue to showcase.

Children’s Division

Annual Program
ages 3 – 14

Budding dancers, aged 4 – 14 years, are introduced to the basic concepts of ballet including beginning steps, terminology, musicality, focus, and expression. Throughout the year, students gain strength, coordination and self-confidence from our award-winning and Royal Academy of Dance certified faculty.

Families are required to commit to one class per week from September through June. Upon completion of the Children’s Division, students will be equipped for entry into the Academy’s Intermediate Division where they will continue their training and begin preparations for the annual Royal Academy of Dance graded examinations, intensive training, or other after school programs.

Programs: Pre-school, Pre-primary, Primary, Classical Ballet 1 & 2.

Elementary Division (A1 to A5)

Annual Program
ages 7 – 13

Dancers in this Division range in age from 7 to 13 years old. Levels A1 – A6 follow consecutively from the classes completed in the Children’s Division and levels are assigned based on age and skill compatibility. Upon completion of A5, students may be invited to join the Intermediate Division for more intense dance training.

Intermediate Division (A6, J1 & J2)

Annual Program
ages 11 and up

Consisting of a distinctive and comprehensive curriculum with tailored instruction based on the Vaganova method, students typically enter at age 11 and are provided with more intense instruction, including pointe work and original choreography created for them.

This Jewel 1 & 2 program offers smaller class sizes and provides a strong technical foundation in classical ballet, encouraging uninhibited artistic expression in all disciplines of dance.

Prima Dance

Annual Program
ages 13 and up

For students who have gained number of years of training but wish to focus on an academically inclined path to university studies, Prima Dance provides a dynamic range of classes. Enabling students to enjoy multiple dance genres without having to switch to a combined academic and dance program during the high school years, this program for students 13+ allows the flexibility to further the exuberance of dance while at the same time continuing with regular academic school commitments.

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