Performance Workshop - Goh Ballet

Performance Workshop


Spring Performance Workshop

An unparalleled opportunity to focus on technique, artistry and musicality. Students will polish execution and improvement of technique with Goh Ballet’s award-winning instructors.

Performance Workshop will be held at both Vancouver and Toronto locations with students grouped into either Group A (10-13 year olds) or Group B (14 years old and up).

Morning schedule:
- Warm-up Ballet Class
- Group Variation Class: students will learn sections of technically and age appropriate featured classical variations. (Please see list below)
- Dancer’s Own Solo Coaching: Students can work on their competition variation of choice, and receive vital feedback and technical guidance.

Afternoon schedule:
All participants in the Performance Workshop receive exclusive access to book private and semi-private sessions with Goh Ballet Academy's artistic faculty.

On the last day of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to present performance variations for family and friends to demonstrate their progress.

Featured variations for 2021 to be announced.